IPM For Bed Bugs

Date: Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

Time: 3PM EST

Who Should Attend: Pest Management Professionals, Housing Facility Managers, Residential Property Managers

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Leading Green Professional Pest Product EcoRaider Announces Rebranding as EcoVenger®

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Top Tips for PMPs to Treating Sensitive Accounts for Bed Bugs

  Just as the name implies bed bugs prefer to live near…

Pest Geek Podcast: EcoRaider 25b BioPesticide Bed Bug Control With Dennis Judy

Pest Geek Podcast is hosted by Franklin Hernandez, the…

Missed Dennis Judy's March 14 Webinar on Bed Bug Resistance? Watch it Here!

If you missed it, check out the March 14 webinar on bed bug resistance…

Why Performance Should Never Be Overlooked when Comparing Pest Control Products

Think about the word performance and what it means in every day…

How Resistance Does or Doesn’t Affect the Use of Green Pest Control Products

Resistance is one of the most important issues facing pest control.…

Testimonial: "Why EcoRaider Works in Public Housing Facilities"

Geffry Gorman works in the heart of Orlando providing 100 percent…

Congrats to Our Giveaway Winners and Thanks for Visiting the EcoRaider Booth at PestWorld 2017!

We had an incredible show at PestWorld 2017 in Baltimore this…

Visit the EcoRaider Booth (#1342) at PestWorld 2017 in Baltimore & Register for a Chance to Win a GoPro!

Visit the EcoRaider booth (#1342) next week at PestWorld in Baltimore…

Synthetic Chemicals Face Huge Obstacles as Resistance Affects Performance

There’s one aspect of any pest control product that is beyond…

Efficacy of an Essential Oil-Based Pesticide for Controlling Bed Bug Infestations in Apartment Buildings

Rutgers University entomology department, headed by Dr. Changlu…

EcoRaider Certified Under USDA BioPreferred Program

Reneotech, the manufacturer of EcoRaider green pest control products,…

In Trendy South Florida, The Only Thing Chic About Bed Bugs is Preventing Them!

South Florida is known for being all things trendy – music,…

International Students More Apt to Bring in Bed Bugs and Develop a Need for a Green Solution, Expert Says

College and university housing professionals are facing a large…

Seattle-Based DESC Uses EcoRaider® to Control Bed Bugs in Homeless Shelters

Bed bugs are a tough problem to deal with in any scenario. But…

Knowing Bed Bugs Will Help you Kill Them!

NORTH BERGEN, New Jersey – The pest management industry's leading…

Help Prevent Bed Bugs In Your Hotel This Summer Travel Season

With the summer vacation season well underway, guests are coming…

EcoRaider® Sponsors PCT's First Bed Bug Virtual Conference - Watch It Online Below

EcoRaider is proud to have sponsored the first-ever PCT Bed Bug…

EcoRaider® Introduces ER-22 Concentrate, Another Proven Bed Bug Solution

Reneotech announces the launch of ER-22, a concentrate formulation…

Hotels GMs Look for Natural Bed Bug Solutions

Chicago hotel general managers face no different challenges than…

Chicago-Based Rose Pest Solutions Relies on Using EcoRaider® to Control Bed Bugs

For the fourth year, Chicago has been placed on top of the…

EcoRaider® Bio-Insecticide Expands Application Use to Include Perimeter Ant Control

EcoRaider®, the botanical bio-insecticide that gives Pest Management…

Visit the EcoRaider Booth #440 at PestWorld This Week!

Visit Our Booth! EcoRaider® Bio-Insecticide Now Effective for…

The Life Cycle of the Bed Bug

Knowing what to look for is the first step in identifying and…

EcoRaider® Fall Promotion Geared to Bed Bugs: Buy Four Gallons Get One Free

EcoRaider®, the botanical bio-insecticide that gives Pest Management…

USDA IR-4 Study Measuring Efficacy of Green Product for Controlling Bed Bugs in Apartment Buildings

NORTH BERGEN, N.J. – The USDA IR‐4 Public Health Pesticides…

Bed Bug Wars: Notes from the Field

A dirty bed bug job, a dedicated PMP, and a cooperative client.…

How “Green” is the Pest Control Market?

In January of 2014, the NMPA (National Pest Management Association) published in that month’s PestWorld newsletter it’s “Vision 2020”, outlining future trends and implications for the pest management industry. According to the NPMA, “Vision 2020 is a multi-year initiative that will identify future trends and equip the industry to enhance its value to society in the midst of emerging societal, economic, technological and regulatory issues.”

EcoVenger® on the Road!

Looking to meet and talk in person with EcoVenger®’s (formally EcoRaider) representatives? Check our online calendar to see the conferences and shows where we’ll be attending – we hope to see you soon!

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Pest management professionals or commercial users can request a free test kit package here. Test drive EcoVenger® (formally EcoRaider) and feel the horsepower from green. Add EcoVenger® into your toolbox for your next job!

Stories from our Clients

” We were using conventional chemical products – we tried many things and none were getting it under control and we were treating every two weeks. Once we started using EcoRaider we saw a difference immediately…I’d say within a few weeks we saw a drastic reduction in the bed bug population. We haven’t seen a bed bug in the shelter itself in months – at this point we are spot treating every two weeks with EcoRaider and it’s working incredibly.”

” We use EcoRaider as part of our heat treatment services for bed bugs. We spray EcoRaider before applying heat to immediately knock down the bed bug populations…EcoRaider has helped us increase our percent control and reduce our bed bug callbacks.”

” My company has used EcoRaider on over 500 bed bug jobs. EcoRaider is the best product that we have used and has an excellent kill rate on the first application. It has cut down on the amount of call back requests that we receive. “

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Stay connected and receive update on products, promos and webinars.