Pest Geek Podcast: EcoRaider 25b BioPesticide Bed Bug Control With Dennis Judy

Pest Geek Podcast is hosted by Franklin Hernandez, the founder of NaturePest and a Certified Pest Control Operator in General Household Pests and Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control in the State of Florida as well as a Certified Horticultural Specialist From Miami Dade College. Frank is also also a State Certified Best Management Instructor.

Dennis Judy started his career with Orkin, and later was the training director at Allgood Pest Solutions and Hometeam Pest Defense, Judy
is a member of the Georgia Pest Control Association’s Hall of Fame.

He currently serves as the part-time technical consultant for EcoRaider, assisting in the field research and development, and the preparation of webinars, training materials for pest management professionals, distributors and representatives.