Pinnacle Termite & Pest Service’s Haley Ewing Speaks About the Positive Impact She’s Experienced Since Using EcoVenger ER-3 & ER-22 Products

Haley Ewing, the Lead Technician for Pinnacle Termite & Pest Service in Kingston, Tennessee is no stranger to insects like mosquitoes and bed bugs, and the process that it takes to treat them. She decided to sample our EcoVenger ER-3 and ER-22 products back in March of 2023 and has been using them ever since! After having issues with some of the chemical products that she had been using and them losing their efficacy, she decided to give EcoVenger a shot. Not only has she seen an improvement with her mosquito treatments with the ER-3, she also stated that she was having a huge issue with bed bugs in a customer’s trailer for over 4 years, and the ER-22 was the only insecticide to solve the problem and completely get rid of them! Here’s what she commented about EcoVenger:

 “The EcoVenger product line has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I’ve been using their ER-3 and ER-22 products for mosquitoes, ants and even bedbugs for about 8 months now. They’ve been wonderful for my green thumb customers who enjoy knowing it won’t cause any issues with their plants or the environment, as harshly as other pesticides. Best of all they work like a charm! I’ve been having issues with mosquitoes, and even the normal chemicals I’ve been using have stopped working, so I switched it up and decided to try EcoVenger ER-3. It’s been amazing to see the improvement. I’ve seen an 85% reduction in my more troubled homes closer to bodies of water.”

The ER-22 has even worked with bed bugs to a point where I’m quite astonished. I have a family who lives in a large double wide trailer who have had bed bugs for 4 years and did their own “treatments” before I arrived. Let’s say it was one of the worst cases I’ve seen in over 4 years of being a licensed PMP. I’ve done extensive and bi weekly treatments for a few months to work on getting rid of the bed bug issue. I had to use a lot of heavy chemicals due to a lot of resistant bed bugs as well, because of the chemicals that have been used by the customer over the years to try and “self treat”. After just a few months of using the ER-22, it completely eradicated what was left and has continued to keep working. It sounds a bit far-fetched but trust me on this, my jaw hit the floor when I returned after two months and he let me know he hasn’t seen a single bed bug since. I would definitely recommend these products to anyone having any issues!”

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