Pinnacle Termite & Pest Service’s Haley Ewing Speaks About the Positive Impact She’s Experienced Since Using EcoVenger ER-3 & ER-22 Products

Haley Ewing, the Lead Technician for Pinnacle Termite & Pest Service in Kingston, Tennessee is no stranger to insects like mosquitoes and bed bugs, and the process that it takes to treat them. She decided to sample our EcoVenger ER-3 and ER-22 products back in March of 2023 and has been using them ever since! After having issues with some of the chemical products that she had been using and them losing their efficacy, she decided to give EcoVenger a shot. Not only has she seen an improvement with her mosquito treatments with the ER-3, she also stated that she was having a huge issue with bed bugs in a customer’s trailer for over 4 years, and the ER-22 was the only insecticide to solve the problem and completely get rid of them! Here’s what she commented about EcoVenger:

 “The EcoVenger product line has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I’ve been using their ER-3 and ER-22 products for mosquitoes, ants and even bedbugs for about 8 months now. They’ve been wonderful for my green thumb customers who enjoy knowing it won’t cause any issues with their plants or the environment, as harshly as other pesticides. Best of all they work like a charm! I’ve been having issues with mosquitoes, and even the normal chemicals I’ve been using have stopped working, so I switched it up and decided to try EcoVenger ER-3. It’s been amazing to see the improvement. I’ve seen an 85% reduction in my more troubled homes closer to bodies of water.”

The ER-22 has even worked with bed bugs to a point where I’m quite astonished. I have a family who lives in a large double wide trailer who have had bed bugs for 4 years and did their own “treatments” before I arrived. Let’s say it was one of the worst cases I’ve seen in over 4 years of being a licensed PMP. I’ve done extensive and bi weekly treatments for a few months to work on getting rid of the bed bug issue. I had to use a lot of heavy chemicals due to a lot of resistant bed bugs as well, because of the chemicals that have been used by the customer over the years to try and “self treat”. After just a few months of using the ER-22, it completely eradicated what was left and has continued to keep working. It sounds a bit far-fetched but trust me on this, my jaw hit the floor when I returned after two months and he let me know he hasn’t seen a single bed bug since. I would definitely recommend these products to anyone having any issues!”

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EcoVenger Pro is also available at various distributors, including Veseris (formerly known as Univar), Target Specialty, BWI, Oldham, Agriturf and others.


Leading Green Professional Pest Product EcoRaider Announces Rebranding as EcoVenger®

“Naturally Effective” Pest Product Line Relaunching

North Bergen, NJ (March 16, 2021) – The EcoRaider plant-based professional pest control product line has announced it is rebranding under the EcoVenger® name.

Since 2012, Reneotech Inc has provided highly efficacious plant-based commercial grade pest control formulas for pest control professionals under the brand name EcoRaider, available on EcoRaiderPMP.COM and carried by professional pest product distributors such as Veseris ( previously as Univar), Target-Residex, BWI, Oldham Chemicals, Agri-Turf, Essco, Bug-Off, PCS, etc.

Their products, ER-22, ER-3, and RTU, are known for eradicating the toughest insect pests while posing minimal adversarial impact to the operator and environment. These have all become go-to products for controlling bed bugs, ants, spiders, roaches, and mosquitoes and are increasingly recommended by fellow PMP technicians for ecocentric consumers and sensitive accounts.

“Because, as a green product, it not only outperforms top-grade chemical pesticides but also provides solutions for pesticide-resistance issues that have confounded the industry for decades,” stated Trinity Brenniser, spokesperson for EcoVenger.

The product lines’ outstanding performance, including adulticidal, ovicidal, larvicidal, and residual as well as its effectiveness in combating resistance, have been proven by leading universities’ studies and journal publications.

As an advocate of green and sustainability, the company’s monthly webinar, “CEU Virtual Academy” program, has received a warm reception from pest professionals since the onset of the Covid pandemic. Programs are approved by state regulatory departments. “Pest professionals are welcome to sign up at our commercial line website, and it is free,” added Brenniser.

Under the new brand name EcoVenger, the company will remain as a leader, educator, and innovator of green and sustainability in the pest management industry. It will maintain its commitment to developing high-performing, environmentally sound pest solutions, and fine-tune its product lines for improved end-user experience.

“The new brand name EcoVenger will be an improved representation of the company’s ongoing promise to continue delivering ‘naturally effective’ pest control products for professionals,” stated Trinity Brenniser.

The rebranding will not impact company personnel or day-to-day operations. During the brand transition, customers may continue receiving EcoRaider branded products until the inventory level depletes.

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EcoVenger® for professionals, formerly as EcoRaider, developed by Reneotech Inc, is a commercial-grade plant-based bio-insecticide product line. It provides a green alternative solution with unparalleled efficacy acting through invertebrates’ octopamine receptor pathway. It is a minimum risk pest control product line ideal for a sensitive environment. For more information, visit

Attack Back’s Rene Gonzalez Uses EcoRaider’s ER-3 to Deliver Green Pest Control of Mosquitoes in Fresno

FRESNO, California (Friday July 31, 2020) – At the center of the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno is home to tough mosquitoes and is regulated by even stronger state regulations on how pest control professionals are allowed to control them. 
Attack Back Pest Control Owner Rene Gonzalez has customers of all types – residential, commercial, and agricultural. All of his clients have been seeking stronger mosquito control. But in California, the laws for pest control applicators are very strict so many typical pesticide-based products cannot be used in sensitive or even normal applications.

Therefore, it has been challenging for many PMP’s because for long it has always been one-or-the-other choice between green and performance, so has Gonzalez.


Like many other PMPs in California, Gonzalez has also tried many green products, but had not found find anything satisfying, until he tired EcoRaider’s triple action mosquito formula ER-3: “EcoRaider is great because you can tell your customers that it’s going to be safe for them and their kids if we spray their yard with it,” he said. “Being able to tell them that we are spraying green – and that it works – is a huge selling point.”

Performance is of utmost important, and ER-3 delivers a quick kill with a strong residual. That’s why Gonzalez and his customers trust it. But the fact that the product is green and is safe for humans and pets is a major factor for using it in California, as well.

“There are a lot of customers seeking green products that work and EcoRaider is the one that really does the job,” Gonzalez said. “They have said they are thankful we are doing our part to help the environment. That makes it easier for me and obviously easier for them to rely on us.

“During the wet months it’s really looked down upon using pyrethroids so if you go with EcoRaider you’re not hurting anything,” he added. “You’re not hurting the water table buy using EcoRaider and that’s a big thing.”

EcoRaider is every pest control practitioner’s must-have product for successful and minimum risk pest management jobs. In addition to ER-3, a triple-action formula for mosquito and general pest control, EcoRaider offers ER-22 and RTU, which provide effective control on bed bugs, roaches, ants, and for other perimeter treatment needs.

EcoRaider is a leading botanical 25b exempt product and can be used without restriction in almost all types of environments including sensitive ones.

EcoRaider offers free monthly Zoom webinars on popular pest control topics with CEU credits. Pest control practitioners can sign up here.

EcoRaider is available at various distributors, including Veseris (Univar), Target, Agri-Turf, BWI, Oldham and others. To learn more about EcoRaider, visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.