Leading Green Professional Pest Product EcoRaider Announces Rebranding as EcoVenger®

“Naturally Effective” Pest Product Line Relaunching

North Bergen, NJ (March 16, 2021) – The EcoRaider plant-based professional pest control product line has announced it is rebranding under the EcoVenger® name.

Since 2012, Reneotech Inc has provided highly efficacious plant-based commercial grade pest control formulas for pest control professionals under the brand name EcoRaider, available on EcoRaiderPMP.COM and carried by professional pest product distributors such as Veseris ( previously as Univar), Target-Residex, BWI, Oldham Chemicals, Agri-Turf, Essco, Bug-Off, PCS, etc.

Their products, ER-22, ER-3, and RTU, are known for eradicating the toughest insect pests while posing minimal adversarial impact to the operator and environment. These have all become go-to products for controlling bed bugs, ants, spiders, roaches, and mosquitoes and are increasingly recommended by fellow PMP technicians for ecocentric consumers and sensitive accounts.

“Because, as a green product, it not only outperforms top-grade chemical pesticides but also provides solutions for pesticide-resistance issues that have confounded the industry for decades,” stated Trinity Brenniser, spokesperson for EcoVenger.

The product lines’ outstanding performance, including adulticidal, ovicidal, larvicidal, and residual as well as its effectiveness in combating resistance, have been proven by leading universities’ studies and journal publications.

As an advocate of green and sustainability, the company’s monthly webinar, “CEU Virtual Academy” program, has received a warm reception from pest professionals since the onset of the Covid pandemic. Programs are approved by state regulatory departments. “Pest professionals are welcome to sign up at our commercial line website ecoraiderpmp.com, and it is free,” added Brenniser.

Under the new brand name EcoVenger, the company will remain as a leader, educator, and innovator of green and sustainability in the pest management industry. It will maintain its commitment to developing high-performing, environmentally sound pest solutions, and fine-tune its product lines for improved end-user experience.

“The new brand name EcoVenger will be an improved representation of the company’s ongoing promise to continue delivering ‘naturally effective’ pest control products for professionals,” stated Trinity Brenniser.

The rebranding will not impact company personnel or day-to-day operations. During the brand transition, customers may continue receiving EcoRaider branded products until the inventory level depletes.

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EcoVenger® for professionals, formerly as EcoRaider, developed by Reneotech Inc, is a commercial-grade plant-based bio-insecticide product line. It provides a green alternative solution with unparalleled efficacy acting through invertebrates’ octopamine receptor pathway. It is a minimum risk pest control product line ideal for a sensitive environment. For more information, visit www.EcoVengerPRO.com.