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Pesticide Resistance & How to Manage

Webinar Held on: Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 CEU Credit Approved States: FL, GA, IN, ME & SC Brief Webinar Description: To focus on all aspects of Resistance and How to Manage. Every PMP faces the issue of pesticide resistance several times in his or her career. This webinar is a great guide into how to […]

Leading Green Professional Pest Product EcoRaider Announces Rebranding as EcoVenger®

“Naturally Effective” Pest Product Line Relaunching North Bergen, NJ (March 16, 2021) – The EcoRaider plant-based professional pest control product line has announced it is rebranding under the EcoVenger® name. Since 2012, Reneotech Inc has provided highly efficacious plant-based commercial grade pest control formulas for pest control professionals under the brand name EcoRaider, available on […]

Perimeter Pest Management

Webinar Held on: Tuesday, January 23rd, 2021 CEU Credit Approved States: CA, FL, & GA Brief Webinar Description: Our Perimeter Pest Management webinar focuses on all aspects of perimeter pest control, including the most common perimeter pests, how to perform effective inspections, what are the ideal conditions for perimeter treatments, implementing effective management techniques, customer […]

Minimum Risk Mosquito Control

Webinar Held on: Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 CEU Credit Approved States: CA, FL, GA, IN, MI, SC, TX & WV Brief Webinar Description: This Minimum Risk Mosquito Control webinar will focus on inspection of breeding sites, methods for proper treatment of mosquitoes, corrective actions for residential situations, product options for treatment protocols, and how to […]

Cockroach Basics

Webinar Held on: Tuesday, December 29th 2020 CEU Credit Approved States: GA & WV Brief Webinar Description: Dennis Judy’s cockroach webinar presentation provides an overview of the different types of cockroaches, the history of the insect itself, and great detail about how cockroaches have become such a bothersome pest to homes and businesses throughout the […]

Bed Bugs in Multi-Unit Housing Pest Control

Webinar Held on: Tuesday, November 24th 2020 CEU Credit Approved States: DC, FL, GA, IN, MI, & WV Brief Webinar Description: Multi-Family or Multi-Unit Housing can be a very lucrative aspect of your pest control business. Housing authorities award pest management contracts annually – so regular recurring revenue for treating their facilities provide you with […]

The Next Generation For Mosquito Control

ER3 by EcoRaider is a new professional pest management product with a triple-action green formula. It is being introduced to help PMPs combat the rapidly growing mosquito problems. Blame it on the rain! Heavy rains and hurricanes kicked the door wide open for increased mosquito populations in 2018, and as a result, the fall was […]