EcoRaider® Bio-Insecticide Expands Application Use to Include Perimeter Ant Control

EcoRaider®, the botanical bio-insecticide that gives Pest Management Professionals a fast, effective, and green bed bug solution with residual, is now effective for ant control applications.

EcoRaider is a botanical-based, broad spectrum bio-insecticide that has been very effective against bed bugs. The new application for ant control provides a strong natural solution that delivers both an immediate kill and long-term residual against ants.

Research by Purdue University’s Grzegorz Buczkowski, Ph.D., associate professor in the school’s Center for Urban and Industrial Pest Management, shows that EcoRaider provides a number of key benefits, including:

  • Kills ants on contact in one minute
  • Repels ants for up to four weeks
  • Prevents foraging ants from penetrating structures
  • Disrupts existing ant trails

This new application of EcoRaider gives Pest Management Professionals a proven bio-insecticide for perimeter treatments that not only has a fast knockdown, but a long residual. The quick kill EcoRaider provides is ideal for eliminating perimeter ants immediately, while the residual lasts for up to four weeks – making a difference in keeping an infestation from coming back.

EcoRaider’s residual strength lies in its ability to repel ants for weeks, breaking their natural trails and disrupting infestation problems near a structure. In addition, EcoRaider is an indoor / outdoor product with no caution words making it ideal for homes with children or pets. The product also delivers a natural solution that allows PMPs to “Go Green Effectively.”

The product carries no signal words or cautions, has no label restrictions or precautions on usage, and is a green product, making it an ideal fit for sensitive accounts and environments where low-impact methods are advised. It also can be incorporated with other treatment methods such as heat or steam.

About EcoRaider

EcoRaider is a ready-to-use, naturally derived bio-insecticide that can be applied anywhere ants or bed bugs are found without restriction. EcoRaider can be used in various environments, including schools, health-care facilities and public spaces.

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