Efficacy of an Essential Oil-Based Pesticide for Controlling Bed Bug Infestations in Apartment Buildings

Rutgers University entomology department, headed by Dr. Changlu Wang, considers bed bugs to be among the most difficult urban pests to get under control.

But in apartments, getting control of bed bugs is even more difficult, considering the transient nature of the residents. In addition, bed bugs are very good at traveling through walls, electric outlets, switches, and others voids between apartments.

But according to a study by Dr. Wang and his colleagues published in the Spring 2015 issue of the IR-4 Enewsletter, the results show that synthetic products provide questionable performance because of resistance issues.

“Unfortunately, the efficacy of synthetic consumer products labeled for bed bugs is questionable because most field bed bug populations currently exhibit moderate to high levels of resistance to pyrethroids.

“The poor efficacy of the available bed bug control products can lead to chronic infestations, frequent treatments, use of off-label products by consumers, or the spread of the infestation into adjoining premises in multiple occupancy dwellings.”

This shows the importance of using a variety of products, specifically handling an IPM program that is geared by a green or natural solution like EcoRaider. By using EcoRaider, there are no resistance issues to worry about because the ingredients are all botanical.

About EcoRaider
EcoRaider is a highly efficacious botanical-based bio-insecticide that can be applied anywhere bed bugs or ants are found without restriction. It carries no signal words or cautions and has no label restrictions or precautions on usage.

Because EcoRaider is a green product, it is an ideal fit for sensitive accounts and environments where low-impact methods are advised. These include college dorms, senior-living facilities, managed-care and assisted-living housing, schools, health-care facilities, public housing, multi-family, and hotels.

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