EcoRaider Certified Under USDA BioPreferred Program

Reneotech, the manufacturer of EcoRaider green pest control products, has announced that EcoRaider has been certified under the USDA’s BioPreferred Program as being Biobased.

For Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) this means the use of EcoRaider is essentially backed and proven by the USDA. This is just another reason to sell EcoRaider as the lead bed bug control product or as the core product in a pest control firm’s green program.

“This is a breakthrough for EcoRaider, which has already been accepted by PMPs throughout the country as the leading green bed bug control solution,” said Todd Zon, Reneotech Vice President.

“Now it’s huge to be able to tell PMPs that EcoRaider is not only backed but certified by the USDA. Very few companies achieve this designation so we’re extremely proud that we can use this to help tell the story of EcoRaider.”

Being a Biobased product means that EcoRaider has achieved third-party verification as containing renewable plant, marine, or forestry-based resources.

EcoRaider is a plant-based bio-insecticide that formulated with botanical extracts as active ingredients. It does not contain any chemical pesticide and all of the ingredients are generally recognized as safe and bio-degradable.

The BioPreferred program is a USDA-led initiative designed to assist in the development and expansion of markets for bio-based products. Created by the 2002 Farm Bill and expanded as part of the 2014 Farm Bill, BioPreferred is transforming the marketplace for biobased goods through mandatory purchasing requirements for federal agencies and contractors, as well as voluntary product certification and labeling.

The new Biobased seal will start to appear on product package in summer 2017. For more information, visit or call 1-800-338-0212. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.