New Research Shows Bed Bugs are Becoming Increasingly Resistant to Chemical Pesticides


Researchers published an article this week showing that they have taken the first step towards identifying a bed bug’s DNA by developing a genome map. The researchers, who published in Nature Communications, followed bed bugs throughout the New York subway system and their findings were very interesting.

There was a huge diversity among the bed bugs they trailed. In some cases, they would find a big genetic diversity among the bed bugs. What does this mean to me as a Pest Management Professional? Two things:

1 – Bed bugs are becoming resistant to pesticides so relying on the same formulation day in, day out may not work long term as many PMPs have thought. Researchers found that bed bugs are indeed developing a resistance to chemical pesticides.

2 – EcoRaider, which is proven and tested, continues to remain very effective even against resistant bed bugs. EcoRaider is a green product and works with an entirely different mode of action that is unlike traditional pesticides.

In addition to being effective, EcoRaider also is a product that is safe for using around children, doesn’t contain any signal or caution words, and it doesn’t stain mattresses or linens. To read the full research article about the bed bug’s genome map, visit the Nature Communications’ website.