Why Performance Should Never Be Overlooked when Comparing Pest Control Products

Think about the word performance and what it means in every day society. It’s an expected level of achievement or effort from a person or a product. When you purchase a phone, television, new car – you name it – you have expectations for performance.

If it doesn’t work correctly, meaning it’s not performing up to promoted standards … you return it. Because the basic benchmark for any product is that it needs to perform – it needs to do what it’s supposed to do.

Pest control is no different. For many years there were green products that did not perform nearly as well as their synthetic counterparts, and the result – pest management professionals (PMPs) stopped relying on them. The same thing has happened to synthetic chemicals thanks to bed bugs developing a resistance to them – PMPs have had to change products or use multiple products in an IPM approach in order to continue to perform at satisfactory levels for their customers.

EcoRaider was designed to perform, both immediately and as a residual product. In studies performed by Rutgers University, EcoRaider killed 90 percent of bed bugs on contact within one hour, including adults, nymphs, and eggs.
But EcoRaider performs by delivering more than just a quick kill – it leaves behind a residual that Rutgers proved still kills 100 percent of bed bugs after only five minutes of contact even 14 days after application. So, brief exposure to EcoRaider’s high residual efficacy is enough to kill bed bugs of even resistant strains.

Beyond the performance of EcoRaider, it also has no issues with resistance. EcoRaider has shown to flourish against all strains of bed bugs, even the most resistant, because bed bugs have zero resistance to the product’s natural ingredients.

As you explore the many products available in the professional pest control market, remember to try EcoRaider knowing it performs at the highest level.

About EcoRaider
EcoRaider is a highly efficacious botanical-based bio-insecticide that can be applied anywhere bed bugs or ants are found without restriction. It carries no signal words or cautions and has no label restrictions or precautions on usage.

Because EcoRaider is a green product, it is an ideal fit for sensitive accounts and environments where low-impact methods are advised. These include college dorms, senior-living facilities, managed-care and assisted-living housing, schools, health-care facilities, public housing, multi-family, and hotels.

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