Hotels are very transient environments – with guests coming and going, literally on a daily basis, the opportunity for a bed bug infestation is always there. All it takes is one female bed bug to be introduced to a hotel room and then the infestation begins. With housekeeping, the bed bugs can travel from room to room with eggs being spread throughout the hotel.

Having firm bed bug control before and after an infestation is vital. Before an infestation, using a proactive product to help prevent the problem in the first place not only limits the potential for a bed bug problem but it also limits the negative damage that comes along with your guest having bed bugs. So a proactive, handy solution is important.

EcoRaider Bio-Insecticide is the top green, natural bed bug solution for hotels, resorts and cruise lines. Unlike conventional pesticides that interrupt service of the room, the use of EcoRaider can be discreet and more importantly, effective.

EcoRaider has high-efficacy, extended protection and is non-staining… making it ideal for hotels and hospitality industry.

Here are the key benefits for using EcoRaider in hotels and resorts:

  • No staining linens or bedding
  • Can be used around people or pets – safe for children
  • Natural, green bed bug solution – No Chemicals!
  • Kills bed bugs on contact
  • EcoRaider is the only natural insecticide that kills 100% of bed bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

EcoRaider has no limits or caution words on its label, meaning anyone can apply the product.

Almost everywhere – EcoRaider can be used for sensitive areas. For a hotel room, these includes mattress, bed frame, headboard, couch, chair, kitchen, dining area…

No, EcoRaider is safe for children, adults and pets.

Anywhere that problematic pests, especially bed bugs, may be hiding, brought in or spread, such as curtain, night stand, base board, carpet edge, closet or even the luggage storage room…

EcoRaider is a water based solution, with all ingredients in compliance with FDA GRAS standard. As long as it is used according to the label, it does not cause suntanning on most surfaces. However for some delicate surface, such as paper, silk, raw wood finish or suede, regular spraying or over spraying may result in decoration. We suggest testing on inconspicuous areas before applying.

EcoRaider kills bed bugs through inhibiting Octopamine, a unique neuron transmitter that only exists in invertebrates. This mode of action does not affect vertebrates such as humans, pets, birds and fish. Conventional pesticides however can affect humans and pets because most of them attach a common gateway regardless vertebrates or invertebrates.

Therefore EcoRaider is only lethal to target pests and safe for non-target human, pets, birds and fish. This becomes especially important when eliminating bed bugs around sleeping areas.