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How Resistance Does or Doesn’t Affect the Use of Green Pest Control Products

Resistance is one of the most important issues facing pest control. It’s not a hot-button topic, it’s a true concern for all of professional pest management because it really does have an effect on everyone in the industry. Manufacturers make products that are designed to eliminate pests and provide answers to real-world problems. Pest Management […]

Testimonial: “Why EcoRaider Works in Public Housing Facilities”

Geffry Gorman works in the heart of Orlando providing 100 percent green pest control solutions, mostly to rentals, homeowners and public housing. In his 25 years, he’s seen the worst bed bug infestations you could imagine and he’s treated them successfully with EcoRaider. “Generally there are a lot of people who don’t like synthetic chemicals […]

Synthetic Chemicals Face Huge Obstacles as Resistance Affects Performance

There’s one aspect of any pest control product that is beyond important above everything else – the level of its performance against the pest that it’s labeled to control. When bed bugs were re-introduced to the world over a decade ago, several pesticides could offer strong control to PMPs. Almost 70 years ago, DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) […]